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based on DevOps methodology for end-to-end process automation and integration
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Platform Overview

Simplify your integration opportunities of Legacy based IT systems and Data to increase user experience of the projects implemented.
Regardless of the complexity of processes, implement your projects simply and quickly basing on existing business processes and data to make digital environment for your users the most efficient and comfortable.

Top features

MicroServices Architecture
Use an innovative approach of your micro applications implementation for unlimited flexibility and scalability.
Low Code Development
Perform technically complex tasks as quick as possible with no expert knowledge.
Adaptive Case Management
Linking heterogeneous business processes together allows to create transparent logic of complex projects
Customer Experience
The maximum usability and simplicity of end-to-end processes implementation effects users satisfaction from the solutions implemented.
Multi platform & Omni channel
Possibility of simultaneous use of platform-based solutions on different personal devices with omnichannel support and execution of processes
Process Reporting
Tracking and controlling changes in implemented business processes from different perspectives enables maximization of transparency and efficiency

Services of our company

Our service is an essential part of successful digital platforms experience, to make them user friendly for you business purposes.

Technical Support
No matter how complex the tasks are, rest assured our experienced technical team with appropriate product knowledge and experience supervises operation of your infrastructure 24/7 anywhere in the world
DevOps Consulting
We eliminate bottlenecks in the area of new competencies and provide progressive methodology of development and delivery of your applications to the consumers.
Custom Implementation
We give the opportunity to implement any of your tasks with maximum quality and in the shortest time possible without having to master new technologies and to take risks of poor quality of testing your hypotheses

Our platform prices

We create highly competitive solutions at the attractive prices and at highest level of customer service to increase your satisfaction with our technologies.
  • unlimited lifetime offer
  • Included number of end-users: 1 user
  • no online technical support
  • no installation assistance
Free forever
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Corporate Package
  • 12 months subscription
  • Included number of end-users: 500 users
  • 8х5 online technical support
  • Included "on premises" or "private cloud" installation
Starts at US $4,000 per month
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Enterprise Package
  • 12 months subscription
  • Included number of end-users: unlimited
  • 24х7 online technical support, Dedicated DevOps engineer
  • Included "on premises" or "private cloud" installation 
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Corporate Package
Please provide your contact details and we will get back to you shortly
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Enterprise Package
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Clients and Partners

Dozens of major companies have already evaluated our capabilities and entrusted us with their projects. Be one of them.

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